Thursday, January 22, 2009

Troubled kid.

I have this new student, and i think that she has no or just a little interest in learning. She is still in high school. She seems very smart and kind, but that problem maybe is not in her or me. It's about her interests. This is the very first time i encountered a student like her.

I have various types of students ages 10 until 50+. Most of my students are willing to learn and only a few looked like they were just forced to take the class. But i never had a student like her before. I'm Kinda' having some difficulties explaining things to a mind that is never open. She seems like something is bothering her. I wanted to ask her but we've just started our classes, so i think it's too early to ask private matters.

I' m just worried that her family or even the school might think that she is not learning at all. I know that i got all the patience in the world, but she just doesn't want to cooperate. Whenever i asked her questions, she just say "i don't know." or "I'm not sure" She always say that. I just after the Chinese new year i would be able to persuade her to focus on her lessons and study. Wish me luck guys (cross fingers)
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