Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Very Strange......

First and foremost I just wanted to point out that this post has nothing to do with the Halloween feel. I just felt like sharing this story that still leaves me wondering every time. It just happened last night while I was talking to my 16-year old student trough skype. And when were just about to start having our typical class. We both heard an old style kind of doorbell that was usually found in old creepy houses. It was so loud that we both reacted at the same time , She said " would you like to get your door?" While i was saying... " someone's at your door. And we both stopped. She said "We never had doorbell. I told her that we never had one as well.

I asked her what sites were opened that time on her computer, She said it was just facebook and facebook has no sounds unless you were playing some games, She said that she was not playing anything. I myself has no sites opened, just google. We both heard the doorbell with our speakers. I even asked her that maybe it was her cellphone's ring tone. But she said it wasn't. I'm just wondering where the sound came from, And we both felt that it was so strange. She swears that she has nothing on her computer, and we're both speechless.

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Anonymous said...

base mommy ivy!

that's strange and weird.


aybi said...


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