Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2012 exclusive scene

Ok so here's an exclusive scene in the much awaited 2012 movie, I really can't help but be amaze with this movie. I'm really looking forward to watch it. Actually, I can't wait. I'm trying to lessen my expectations so I wouldn't be dissapointed in any way or in any how. But I'm still excited.

Last night I let some of my students watched this video, And guess what? I got a lot of different point of views, Thank God for that.! why? It means that I have intelligent ones on my list. They are not just "yes teacher" kind of students, And they even gave me crazy answers like " I hope this is true so I have one good reason to my wife to buy that expensive sports car"( he was just kidding of course) anyways heres's the vid. Hope you enjoy it as much a I did.

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Anonymous said...


excited na ko panoorin to.

para kong nasa Rialto ng EK while watching the trailer.hehe

aybi said...

I good no! Parang rialto, hahha!

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