Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao did it again!

I just want to say that Manny just proved once again, how a great and smart fighter he is now. I eagerly waited this game, And because it was "always" delayed telecast on national TV, to give way to Tons and Tons of advertisements hours before it will be telecast, I had to listen to the radio, Because We don't have Pay per view in our cable. I know how fast Manny Pacquiao is, I think nobody in the Philippines missed any game of Pacman, So everybody knows how great boxer he really is.

I just always had this feeling, the feeling whenever he plays. He looks very small and would look like he'd fall down in just one punch, but that was just the total opposite. That would be the hardest thing to do, to Knock him out! His speedy Gonzales punches and moves would probably the best and the main reason why he is now the first boxer to have the 7 title belts. Awesome! simply awesome. Although everyone seems to be looking forward to Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. I just think this is not a very easy deal, why? Floyd Money Mayweather wouldn't agree with 50/50 with this game, And Bob Arum wouldn't want to have 40/60 so, shucks! Damn greediness!

Anyways To Pacman! Cheers for the victory!

Oh here's two of Pacquiao fans, Christian bale and Mark wahlberg in Pacman's camp

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