Sunday, October 25, 2009

Different types of people # 1 "the perfect one"

Sometimes I wonder how some people destroy other people's lives and make it a living hell in their own mediocre way. Right sis?!!! Come on! The world we live in is far from perfection but why some people born to be so Freakin' perfect?! So scary?!!.......... NOT!! I just felt bad for the little ones that they think they can play and bullied. Well, Guess what? For those all of you unkind-perfect-self centered bastards. You're just doing this because you have your own insecurities hiding under your skin and tried to just let people show that your far better from the others.

Go ahead ask your parents? Why were you like that? or maybe go back in time, check how you were brought in this world, Are your parents too good too be true? or maybe they were just like the ordinary parents who love their children so much, It's just that you've placed yourself in the box thinking that it would be better if you will just follow your own rules, in your own smart-ass world. I'm sorry. I'm not perfect. excuse me for my words. Ok here's the thing. You are human, unless you were from planet-X trying to pretend that you are one of us. GotchA! LOL!

This is just my opinion alright, I got bunch of semi-perfect, crazy, mute, lazy-asses, too much too handle, normal, abnormal friends as well. We all have that, right? These kind of people were all both acceptable and unacceptable in this world. And we still love them for that. Now those people who find this post like a bullet that went straight right into your head, or you just want to correct my poor English and make this article a "mistake-free" Then you are probably Sheldon of the big bang theory. But even Sheldon is loved by his wonderful geeky friends. Why? because everyone has a soft side. So yes there is still hope.
Hey you!! you got served!

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Anonymous said...

You know what they mean..
Well they mean, they're just jealous
Because they never do the things
They wish that they could do so well.
so don't give a F**k and do your thing.

aybi said...

yep you're right!

gem said...

those kind of people got some issue maybe jealous or insecured..
C'mon no1's born perfect every1 is equal maybe some ppl are black some are white but if everyone realised it we do have the same colour of s**t right?!
People should start minding their own bussiness!!!

krisnalene said...

Very well said! Let me air my views as well (wow, very MassComm!). He who keeps on scrutinizing someone's work is hard to consider as 'perfect - person' rather playing a perfect one! You have a point. These people may have a bad childhood memories - an outcast in some ways or who knows right until this moment - they are still left behind? Someone left far behind from a good crowd, true friends, loving partner and great family. Bottom line is: not a happy camper huh?! Or could be that person has too many ‘skeletons in the closet’ for acting as such?

It’s beyond belief! I don’t exactly get what the intentions are…to tell you ''it should be like this and not that''..blah – blah-sort of thing. Is it in good faith or just being cruel? Whatever it is, even if the reaction comes from a quick-witted (as believed to be) yet ill-bred still considered as meaningless!

These are my thoughts. No beating around the bush. Something that is… ‘almost perfect’! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the way that she said it (and the fact that she said it in the first place) was totally uncalled for. It can in no way be constituted as constructive criticism. You can cut the malicious intent in that remark with a knife.

Some people get some sort of validation from other people's misery. I guess it can be taken as an odd sort of flattery too. That she saw your sister as somebody "high" enough to actually want to bring her down.


aybi said...

@ krisna, maybe they got more than one closet, so imagine how many skeletons were there?! Scary....LMAO!

@xseth actually it's constructive.................................constructive sarcasm, LOL! or maybe not, maybe it was just plain old feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another.. in short ...ENVY.

Gem said...

"stop Your messing around, better think of your future, time you straighten right out, creating problems in town."

"Working for the rat race
You know you're wasting your time
Working for the rat race
You're no friend of mine"

-the specials

this goes out to that perfect-some-sort-of-a-"ewan" girl or guy.(i dont know who she/he is)

and um, englishan ba d2? "S*ck her balls man!" <<< may mali jan..

Anonymous said...

'pag ang puno namumunga,pinupukol'

yan ang sabi ni cristy fermin.toinks.hahaha

ang mga taong ganito, dapat tinatalupan ng buhay, tapos papatakan ng calamansi sa katawan. kaasar. sobrang insecure no.

ayan tinagalog ko na.kasi puro english ang komento dito.

mishu my fried.belated happy undas!

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