Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wondering about getting host.

As a newbie in this blogging world, I actually have had so many questions in my head, well, i think most of it are not yet answered until now. I just started blogging last year, so i still considered my self as a newbie. As days, months have passed, I always thought of having my own domain name and have my site hosted. Of course, we all want to move to the next level of blogging. But I don't want to make mistakes in choosing a hosting plan.

Ive heard so many positive and negative reviews alike with many hosting companies. But how can i be sure that this one fits my blog. So i bumped in to this site called, I've heard sites like this before, but this one is something. It has everything that I need to know. from the best web hosting companies, to the different reviews, they even got web hosting awards. Awards such as best blog hosting, best forum hosting, best budget hosting, all the information you need can be found in this one wonderful site. The site also has a blog that is full of valuable information that can be helpful to everyone. This site has been running for years now. And already has a good and strong reputation.
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Carnation said...

hi there, yes it's been a while so sorry there's just lots of things to do lately ... seems things are going ok with your blog

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