Monday, August 3, 2009

Long lost friend.....................found!

How are you going to react if you haven't seen a very very special friend for a long time and you found her all of a sudden.

Last Saturday, I went to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen for years. Actually I considered her as one of my best of friends. Although we had some misunderstanding in the past, I totally forgot about that, I don't know I just wanted to see her and all.

I wanted to cry the moment she held my arm when she arrived, but I tried to control myself, That was soooo hard for me! I asked her if we could take our lunch then, just for me to look away( although i am really hungry that time) , because I'm already teary-eyed. I tried, I promised myself not to cry in front of her because I don't want her to cry too. (i know her so well, she's going to cry i know)

And we just started catching up the years that was missed, and the Good old memories that can't be forgotten. I saw her once or twice 2 years back, but we never had any formal conversations. I just thought that maybe it wasn't the time yet. And when that day came, it was all worth it, I really wanted to go on to details, but I'll probably keep it to myself. I just wanted everyone to know that it was an amazing day.

Oh and by the way, we started talking non-stop around 12:45 pm and we only pause for a break at 3:25pm. We need some air to breathe you know.

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