Friday, August 7, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, Ezine.slowing down...... what's wrong?

I thought I'm the only one who noticed, but facebook is very slow in these past 2 days, and it's always hanging. Twitter is down as well, I was thinking that too many people are using it?!! I really don't know I'm not an IT person, but I have a feeling it's because of that,

Just like a boat, or a bus, or a plane, whenever it's overloaded with people, it won't work, or it will work but it is slow or will cause some problems. I really feel like these sites has been used and used every tiny second, and maybe the server just can't handle it anymore... Well, just my opinion. So I'll try not to use it these few more days, we never know maybe one or two people who doesn't use it might be helpful....... or not... i dunno.

Have a lesser twitter this weekend everyone!! and more outdoor games to play!!!

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