Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy's addicted to Nintendo DS Lite!!!!

My brother bought a new Nintendo DS Lite and yes he loved it, He acted as if he was still 16 year old and can't get his hands and eyes off his new hand held gadget. Although he really wanted to buy a PSP.. He preferred to buy the DSlite because of certain features. Ok, But this post wasn't actually about my brother playing this. It was my mother. My mother loves games, especially those game applications that can be found in the typcial Nokia Cellphone. She is a busy mom, so her cellphone would be the only thing that would be handy to stay right by her side.

There was this one time that my brother left his DSLite and my mother was so curious that she asked my sister how to play the games. So yes she stared that day,and then the following day, and then the following days... In short she got hooked!!!!

One morning while my mother was so busy playing "the old Mario brothers" and that she didn't noticed the people around her, she has her own world, My sister asked her. "mum! do we have breakfast? there's nothing left on the table? " My mom just shooked her head.. My sister kept asking her. Mum?!! Hey, Mum?!! "My mom then replied" Oh! hold on a sec!"

Hold on a sec?! My sister was so freaking hungry, LOL! I was there, We can't help but laughed at her. Anyways, She cooked faster than the speeding bullet( kidding) and went back playing. Oh well...

Image courtesy of pop sugar, that's not our mum. She'll kill me if i'll post her picture playing.
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