Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty scary month of June!

OMG! it's been a long time since i last posted something!!! I have been busy and my kids are so handful, The school just started and my daughter was so excited but, i guess most schools are not excited to open for this school year, because of the A( H1N1) virus spreading so fast.

I'm not really scared at first but it was when the number of people who was positive in this flu increases rapidly, that was the point that I'm a bit afraid to bring my family somewhere, like a mall or something, a lot of schools canceled their classes for the whole month of June and will resume by July, Almost all of the Universities in the metro are closed temporarily but my daughter's school is still on going. Because i guess it's not a very big school. But i hope if the virus still spreads continuously i hope they'll let the kids just stay at home for a while.

Anyhow, in these past few days. my daughter has been accompanying my brother and his wife to be. They have been busy preparing things for their wedding next year, I'm actually very excited for them, because i will be their wedding singer and the make-up artist at the same time, So cool! anyways i had to go back to work

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