Monday, June 29, 2009

Free traffic and i mean real traffic!

I found this free classified ads site, that i always bumped into for years already but just taken it for granted, because i really thought it was just another local free ads site, But i was totally wrong, I came across an e-book written by a 22-year old guy(from Canada). I'm not really impressed at first, i thought the ebook was just another kind of ebook that tells you how to generate traffic, from different sites and exchanges, I was wrong.

I tried this site called and i'm so surprised with the numbers of sign-ups i received, the only down side is you have to repost again after 2 days, but if you continue to do it, You will definitely have a non-stop traffic! from real people! This site is like a social networking freeads site that a lot of people would've just took for granted.

So if you got products to sell, websites to promote just visit sulit!
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