Thursday, April 23, 2009

My friend

I went to my old friend last Tuesday. She and her husband were my really good friends over the years. Her husband was my hubby's best friend. I miss them so much! i really wanted to tell them everything about what's going on to our lives. I love to talk to them and i admire them so much because they have been together for so many years and they never had any major problems with each other. Until i found out that her husband is having an affair. I'm still thinking if i should tell it right away or should i wait?

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sexy legs and body said...

HI, tough decission, all I can say is, if you tell you have to be 120% certain of your facts, otherwise it will cause a lot of pain.... So sad though that things like this should happen.

payatot said...

pede mo naman sabihin kaya lang siguruhin mo lang na di mababasa nila tong post mo para di ka maakusahan na nakikialam sa kanila

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