Thursday, April 23, 2009


Annoyed by those unwanted phone calls? are you in the middle of a good movie when the phone rings and finding out that it was just another telemarketer, trying to sell you something, or somebody who is giving you a freebie but then ended up with those hidden charges. Or how about those prank calls that waked you up in the middle of the night?!
This is something that we all hate.

There are times that we can't trace the call. Our phone usually just give us the phone number, but that's about it. I found this cool site that you will definitely definitely like it! It's called callerwiki. This site will allow you to know about the caller's information, all the details about them, like the address, the company name, their IP address, and you can also see what other users say about this phone number! You can see details if they are a scam or something. Isn't this site great?! well, i say.. absolutely! now you can Report Callers
immediately! this is such a helpful site to everyone that's why I'm sharing it to all!

Now, if you are asking how this thing works? it's very easy, Just go to callerwiki site and just enter the phone number that you want to know the details. and Whoala! you can see all the information and details at the site. How cool is that?

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