Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you!

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Thank You Glitters

I would like to thank everyone who take their time to think of how am i going to make my parents anniversary worth remembering. I really appreciate all of your comments. I had ideas of my own but i know that more than one head produces more than one idea.

I would like to thank, especially the following people who exerted efforts for giving me wonderful ideas.





Pinoy Apache!

I would update you on what me and my brothers and sister choose. All of your ideas were great and a combination of all of your ideas wouldn't hurt. Again, thanks to all of you and Godbless!

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hope said...

Thanks for coming by my site...glad to have you!

When my parents had their 25th anniversary, they didn't want anything special. That was also before Powerpoint existed. As their oldest child, I did a "This is Your Life" type of presentation using slides and my bro/sis as "readers". I'd written to friends of theirs from when I was a child and most wrote back! I complied an album of those cards/letters, complete with Then/Now photos which was presented to my parents after the slide show. About 15 minutes after they finished looking at the album, people started coming by for a 2 hour drop in at their home.

They were the stars of their own party, never had to leave home and we cleaned up after the guests left.

You know what your parents like, so put yourself in their shoes...although with an anniversary of your own that close, pretty easy I guess. :)Good luck with your plans!

aybi said...

hi! hope, i think your idea was a blast at that time! i think I'll try that! thanks!

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