Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy slip's "Chill pill"

I am such a big fan of happy slip, If you're not familiar with her. you gotta check out you tube. I bet you gotta love her. She is so hilarious!Anyway, i haven't been checking my you tube account,

So last night i had a chance to check my account, and found out that a lot of my favorites has uploaded new videos already, (man, where am i?) I never thought that i haven't logged in for 3 months already. Oh! what a hectic life. So here's something for all of you,It reminded me of my good ol' days when i hate taking pills , LOL!

If you're not in the mood today, or just plain bored, sad, etc. You gotta watch this! this is just so funny! I promise it will make your day!!

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Carnation said...

i've watched this many times but ihave yet to blogroll it!

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