Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How would you feel?

You may have notice how i love to write about my kids and how they just made my day so good, when thing's aren't just my way. I know you may feel the same way as i do, Especially those hardworking moms and dad who always make it a point to make ends meet.

This is not my day. And i don't want to feel down, That's why I'm writing this, Whenever i pass through these kind of days, I make it a point that i pray. (though i always pray even when I'm happy) My dad used to tell me that there are days that seems to be not right.

There are days that are meant to happen for us to learn,stand and move on. So here's what I'm going to do later. I will make a nice healthy midnight snack, play with my kids and tell them how much i love them. and give my husband a warm hug with a gentle kiss, and finally I'll pray before i sleep.

By the way, as a i was thinking and thinking, My fingers continuously scanning my old pictures and look what i found.

My daughter when she was 1 and a half , trying to watch TV with sunglasses
This is cool! I can only see our TV!!!!!

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Jody Donnelly said...

Just know there are people here who care, bloggers especially because they're very social.
Warm hugs

milai said...

your baby looks absolutely adorable. :)

keep on writing.

Mr Bisht said...

Nice post Aybi :)

Hi Aybi. I liked your blog.

I've also started a blog, and I'll be making posts regularly. Apost i made about kids and their innocent tid-bits will appeal to you.

I want to ask whether you would be interested in exchanging blog links with me. If yes, just put a comment on the recent post of my blog. I'll link to you and you link to me in return.

best wishes

Abhay Karnataki said...

very sweet child!

see emotions come and go, feelings keep changing. when you are feeling low or high, know that this is going to change soon.

resisting any low feeling makes it persist for longer.

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