Thursday, October 23, 2008

My new found friends.

I just want to share these thoughts i had to everyone. Ever since i started teaching online, I learned so many things. But i think the most important lesson of them all is the friendship.
I had many friends/ students that just come and go. But since i had so many friends i really don't know who will last and who will just say hi and bye to me.

The following were students that really stood out to everyone, not because they have been my student for months already, But they were really nice to me and they always made me laugh. The first student that i really admire is Cherry Lai, She is a loving mother of a 3- year old girl and a loving wife to her husband Ching, Here is a picture of her family. We always share good things together.

So cute....

Last Tuesday was Iris ko's Birthday. She is one of my Taiwanese students. I like her because she is very jolly and always cheerful. We never had a dull moment in our class. So i made this Montage just for her i hope that she like it. Happy birthday Iris!!!

I know most of us were very busy with our daily lives, but have you found new friends lately?
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