Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mother and daughter, getting into each other's nerves.

These past few months, My daughter is starting get into my nerves, but she has her own way to cool me down. She always asked silly questions like. Why do we need to eat vegetables, i have my vitamins. Why is the rain water? why not juice or milk? water is boring. Why is God in the clouds? What is he hiding for? Why can't we have TV with only commercials on it? (oh dear!)

There were days that i just ran out of answers and i just asked her to ask her father.There is just one question though, that i hope she wouldn't ask. It's not that I'm afraid. It's just that, I don't know how am i going to explain such thing.

Yesterday, she went home with "i want to know something" look. She look so excited, as though she's gonna ask when can she wear my shoes?!. ( she love's shoes by the way. she said my shoes almost fit her.)

"Mom. my classmate told me that babies came from other planets and my other classmate said that if you want to have one you have to swallow a piece of pebble from God". And then, i suddenly stopped from what I'm doing. I was hoping that she'll not pop the "I'm not ready to answer that" question.

She continued " I told them that babies, come from my mommies, and Mikaella agreed with me but the rest are still having their own thoughts. Mom, How did you get Eouri(his baby brother) inside your tummy?

Oh, my! ( i pretended that I'm not affected to what she just asked me)I remember what my friend used to tell me " Try not to lie to your children, SO they'll believe you as they grow old. OK so i turn my face to her and said, when mommies and daddies love each other, God give them children as a gift. (it wasn't hard as i thought, i felt relieved, wahoo!!) but then she replied. "I know that mom Aunt May already told me that. But how do you get them inside that tummy?" (pointing to my tummy), Then my husband arrived with a box of donuts,(thanks God it's his day off) and my daughter ran outside the kitchen and forgot everything she asked.

I maybe saved by the bell, but the next time she'll remembers it, I'll make sure I'm ready.

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nisha said...

Oh my that was a good post:)

I thought you would tell her that god gets the baby inside as a miracle(when mom and dad love eachother).. hehe.. but then the story ended.. never mind, hope to hear more soon:)

Kids are always curious and no matter what you explain to them, the more the curiosity grows:)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

What an interesting post. You got out of it that time all right, but I heard when kids ask, you should tell them the truth. I don't know. Good luck with that! I liked the answer you gave her.

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