Monday, August 11, 2008

My top ten best chocolates of all time

For the love of chocolate, I've always been a chocolate addict since i was a kid, and i just can't stop eating those precious little dark sweets that melts in your mouth. Oh my. But as i grow up i tried not to eat too much of these sweets because i became health conscious. I think i love fruit smoothies now more than chocolates. But whenever i still have the chance to eat chocolates i still do but of course with limitations. For those who are still obsessed with these brown wonders. Here are My Top Ten best chocolates of all time. I didn't include high-end chocolates. I will try to make another list for those.

# 10 Kitkat- This is just one of the chocolates that I've loved since i was 6th grade. It wasn't popular then but my classmate insisted that it was good. The very first time i tasted it, It was good. but now i can taste a big difference, i don't know if it's me or the taste changed.

# 9 Curly tops- for those who haven't heard of it, it's beacuse it's only in the Philippines. well, I don't know if they export it. This chocolate is not super delicious but there is something about this chocolate that i like. If you haven't seen one,you can check it on:

#8 Meiji black - This dark chocolate from Meiji is one of the chocolates that lasts in my fridge. because i don't need to eat it in just one sitting. A small piece is enough for a day.

#7 Snickers - one of my high school favorites, i used to tell myself that too much of this is too much... fat. but this old school favorite is # 7 on my list.

#6 Nestle Crunch- I just love this chocolate not to mention the ridges of the candy bar. A combination of just crisped rice and milk chocolate is already a pleasure.

# 5 Hershey's Cookies and cream - this is already a classic to me, whenever i feel like eating white chocolate with a twist of cookie i just grab this candy and off i go.

#4 Cadbury Time out- yes the kitkat version of Cadbury. But there is a big difference of course... its the wafer.

#3 Hershey's Kisses extra creamy with almonds- this is just the right size to share to everybody and the smooth chocolate is just pure pleasure.

#2 Ferrero Rocher- i love the hazel nut and the smoothness of the chocolate and don't forget the wafer.. again wafers in chocolates are such a hit on me.

#1 M & M's - This is just one of the chocolates that i just can't stop eating.. Once you started you just keep going and going but now that I'm more on conscious about my health and body. I miss this colorful candy.


Gia said...

Hi Aybi, nice post!

Don't we all JUST LOVE chocolate :) Not good 4 the figure but helps satisfy the emotion. Here in South-Africa we have M&M, Snickers and Kit Kat, but the rest NO, would love to try them. Keep up with the excellent posts!

aybi said...

thank you Gia!

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