Monday, August 11, 2008

Breast feeding: The benefits that won't hurt

For all the moms who are afraid to start breast feeding, read this:

I used to be one of those moms who are afraid to breastfeed. Not only that i heard it'll hurt but i'm also afraid that my breasts will sag. So in my first baby, I tried it for two weeks and i easily give up just like that. Because nobody is pushing me to breastfeed( only my doctor. She tried her best to encourage me but she never succeeded.) I was 22 then, and i was planning not to breast feed my first born so i didn't research or even ask my relatives what are the benefits of breast feeding.

Now, i regret it. my daughter who is now 5 years old is always a target of colds, cough, fever etc. She is smart and cute but she can easily get sick and i mean easily get sick. In her first 2 years she is always in bed crying. I often gave her vitamins and or medicines, but only after a month or two she is sick again. She has been hospitalized twice in her first 3 years. She developed fear of doctors because of this. And it's all my fault. Although she is now getting better every year i still thought that i should've breastfed her.

So when my second baby arrived. I initially breastfed him from the day he came. I was worried that he might be like her elder sister. So i never had second thoughts. It was painful at first. Specially my first few weeks. And i usually had a fever whenever it's swollen. But now I'm used to it and i feel no pain.I only feel happiness and everything is all worth it. Here are the latest evidence that breast feeding is the best!

  • Aside from helping our child's immune system to make it stronger, it also
  • Prevents babies from getting infected to some diseases, because there are compounds in breast milk that prevents infections that can't be found in cow's milk.
  • a stronger parent-child bond.
  • children who are breast-fed seem to cope with stress and anxiety more effectively when they reach school age.

These benefits are not only physically, mentally but also emotionally. I should've done my homework in my first pregnancy. Oh well, At least i'm happy now and I'm sharing i with you

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