Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps and Miguel Molina, Modern day heroes

My husband used to be a swimmer in our University, you heard it right a varsity swimmer. Although at that time i wasn't such a big fan of our School's swimming team because i was focused in our Basketball team. Oh yes, i love basketball. although I'm not so good at it. I always make sure that i get to watch our school team. An i watch NBA to and PBA (our local Basketball Association)

I felt that my husband is missing so much of his swimming days and i can see it whenever he heard see anything about swimming. Locally, our very own Miguel Molina is already one of the best swimmers in our time. He represented our country in the Olympics. But unfortunately he didn't make it to the finals. My husband felt bad about it, He even told me that he had high hopes with Molina. And he knows that he can do it. But when the competitions started. Molina wasn't fast enough compared to other swimmers form other countries. I can see how sad my husband face turned. I was really praying he would win but again, There are winners there losers, but for me and my husband Miguel Molina is still one of the very best.

But that's not the end of the story, My husband followed the whole swimming competitions until it reached the finals. And guess what, My husband has a new hero. I'd like to use the word hero for he always look up to best swimmers as heroes.Of course who else.. Michael Phelps, We heard about him before but we were never amazed when we saw how he won on TV. My husband found a new hero and because of this he and my kids will return to the pool this summer. I believe in my husband and i believe that soon one of my kids will be as good as their father. or even better. Cheers to Molina and Phelps!

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