Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michael V. on the cover of Reader's Digest

i just want to share this to everyone. I just love watching gag shows and other comedy shows. Even when i was still young, i still remember that i used to watch kenan and kel and all that when i was young. And of course my favorites " friends" and That 70's show.

But in our country there's a lot of comedy shows but there's only one that i wouldn't miss it's "bubble gang". It's a gag show headed by my Michael V. And speaking of Michael V. I am such a big fan because he is so damn good. Totally hilarious guy. He always create English music videos that was translated in Tagalog (literally translate it) and he is so good whenever he impersonate different celebrities. And one thing that i admire about him is that he also won as best comedy actor in Asian TV awards if I'm not mistaken he won three times( let me think... yeah 3x).

I was so surprised to hear that he made it to the cover of reader's digest.
In the Philippines, there is only one person who got into the cover of reader's digest. The former president Corazon Aquino. And now he is the 2nd Filipino who made it. It's their 5th annual humor special. So you better grab a copy while it lasts.

If you have any idea who he is then try to visit you tube and just type his name and there you go. Congratulations Bitoy!!

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