Friday, September 4, 2009

Hubby's going to receive a new watch from me.

Ok so the "ber" months has now officially started and yes, I loved it when it's starting to get cold, I love the ber months for so many reasons and of course the most reason is that my birthday is coming near! LOL! ( do I really have to broadcast it? hell yeah, Hey brothers, sisters are you all reading this?!!!) LOL!)

Ok. so I just noticed that most of the important dates in my life are falling in those months. like September 29th is my birthday, (hey sis, read between the lines LOL!) My husband's birthday is on November 5, Mum's birthday and Bro's also fall in these months( September and December) Our wedding anniversary is on Nov. 30. Mum and Dad's is on the 18th of the same month. So you might be asking..And so?!! hello?!!........ gifts?! I was like.. There are so many things to celebrate..

Anyways, I was just worried because last year I didn't get any present to my husband for our Anniversary, because I already gave an advanced gift for his b-day. So I was thinking of giving a watch. And I have to take note that he is a swimmer, so a perfect Seiko Dive watches
would be a great idea. He's going to love me more. LOL! I saw a cool one from, And I have all the good reasons in he world to purchase one for my hubby.

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