Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks to our weird neighbors!

It's beginning to rain now and I'm still packing our things . I just finished 3 boxes already, but I'm pretty happy because were moving to a beautiful house, It's small but i like it, The first time i saw our new house i already fell in love with it. And i can now call it our own. Have you ever had this kind of feeling that you can't explain? But that is not my actual story, Its just part of it

We've been renting this very nice house for like 4 years now. I love my house as much as i love my family. I have no problems when it comes to neighbors and there are all my friends, though sometimes its hard to say no when there are all so nice to you. Two months ago our landlady approached and told me that somebody wants to buy the house. So in short she told us that we need to find a new place within a month or two. I felt bad because we need to leave. like what I've mentioned earlier i like our house, but i know this day will come. i really felt bad about it.

But things changed when a new family moved right next to our house, just few days after our landlady talked to me. The new neighbors seemed to be nice at first but just after 2 weeks they revealed their true colors. Our neighborhood is known for being peaceful and quiet. But that's what i loved about it. I mean we make some noise too but you will never hear or see any fighting, nagging wives or even flying pots and pans. You can hear different music and a little chat from time to time, crying children and stuff like that. just a typical peaceful neighborhood.
Our new neighbors is so loud in everything they do. When they play music (which is a little ok with me because i love rock). Whenever they talk it's like a surround sound. Just imagine this, One time the wife came out of the house and was standing in front of their door talking on a phone. everybody heard every word she said and the bad thing about this is she is talking about their personal lives. well, i understand that they are just loud people. But because of this, we can hear if the parents are having a fight, you can hear flying pots, spoons whatever. And their children just can't stop crying daily and i mean everyday, i don't know why. One time my husband caught the guy snooping around our house, that's so weird! And one of our old neighbors complained because the new ones always parked their stinky car in front of their house. (if you could only smell it! so foul and smells like spoiled food and dog poop. I like karaoke. But our new neighbors are obsessed with it. They sing every night until midnight sometimes till 2 am. Some of the neighbors already reported them, but nothing happens. They maybe not the worst neighbors at all. But now i don't felt too bad or sentimental because we're moving. They actually helped me to feel extremely happy about moving to our new place. thanks!

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