Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Cool Grannys!

Ok, So this morning, I went to mall to pay my bills, and on my way to the mall I had to commute of course, I kind of had 2 funny encounters with granny's.. It was pretty cool.

The first granny was when I was just on my way to the mall. I took the jeepney ( if you had no idea what it is, It's one of the public transportation in the Philippines, If you still have no idea just google it) ok so she was sitting in front of me, And I was very curious why she seems like looking at her feet,and then looking at my feet. She kept looking to people and then looked back to her feet. And then when i Looked at her feet, She was actually checking on her new pair of flip flops (havaianas). Her face was like talking saying " hey people look at my new pair of Havaianas". Now I understand why she was also looking at my feet, because I was wearing my own pair. Pretty trendy Granny! LOL!

The second granny encounter, Was when I was on my way home. Another granny was sitting in front of me. But this one was pretty typical silent kind of Grandma but I found her to be cute, She was texting and all, Suddenly her phone rang. and you know what was the ringtone? It was "poker face" by Lady gaga! LOL!! I really think it was cool because her ringtone might not match her looks but she was definitely still young at heart.

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