Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks Joe's Apartment!!

My 1 year old son hates cockroaches so much.. well, who doesn't? anyways, It's like he will do anything just to get rid of it, or ran away or cry... everything. He has this very very funny face whenever he sees one. SO one way to make him stop of whatever his doing is to tell him that there's a cockroach around.

Yesterday, while he was so busy playing and running and all. I was kind of tired of following him, My daughter told me that Joe's Apartment was on HBO. For those who haven't seen it. It's an old movie about a guy who was messy enough to share an apartment with bunch of roaches.

So, I got an idea, We all went to the bedroom and we watched Joe's apartment. I showed my son the bunch of roaches on TV. And he went right straight on the bed in between me and my daughter. And he was like an Angel..... LOL!! He was not very scared but i can feel that he doesn't want to play or move or run. the TV is big enough for him to see those creepy roaches in details... So funny!

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Sandi said...

I am with your son! It's the only bug that totally freaks me out. Gross. I hate them.

aybi said...

and it's the only bug that would make me scream to the highest pitch whenever it landed anywhere in my body. LOL!! totally gross!

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