Wednesday, February 11, 2015

KKK Resturant (Pinoy Food Revolution) . You got to try this or miss half of your life.

It's been a long time since I last wrote something here.. And I wanted to start it with a blast lol!
I've always been a big fan of fine dining or any place where food is food and not just a food. There is this one place that I always see but never tried..

And the reasons why I think I never had a chance to try it out..
1. My kids always want to eat Chinese and Korean.
2. The KKK restaurant in SM Annex has a small spot (not very noticeable)
3. The nearest KKK is far from my place.. (too lazy to try lol)

And so we tried it last Thursday, My husband and I were very hungry as always.. We don't want to have what we already tried.. So with rumbling tummies we went to SM annex and check the new food spots there.. We saw many. but again, We're hungry. My husband wanted to just sit down and eat "kanin at ulam" And there goes KKK waiting for us we were standing just few steps away from it.

 We went in. I ordered what I think looks good and we didn't want to go overboard with food. Because we sometimes do when we are super hungry. We just ordered the following : Sinangag sa Bagoong..KANING PUTI NA GUINISA SA BAGOONG, BINUDBURAN NG ITLOG, TOCINO AT MANGGANG HILAW, So just imagine.. oh let me help you.. Got this pic from their site.. hahaha.... Ensaladang Mangga- HILAW NA MANGGA, KAMATIS, SIBUYAS, MANI AT HIBE NA HINALO SA HOUSE DRESSING...Again, imagine...And finally Inihaw na liempo. I just tried it coz it says" Best seller" in the menu..hahaha.. 
Okay so when it landed our table.. I... Yes... I, was the first to attack.. While my husband was still busy preparing for his D.I.Y. sauce , He asked for chili and vinegar and kalamansi.. My spoon is already in my mouth.. I was smiling while savoring it slowly. My husband asked" Masarap?" I nodded with one eye closed because the mango was sour and I liked it and the rice and everything was just so freaking delish! My gulay!The rice was so good. Bagoong was just a part of it, the mango, the tocino.. "ano ba to? ang sarap! nakakbwisit! hahaha.! I told him. Even the Liempo was so tender and tasty the Ensaladang mangga is just so amazing the house dressing was a winner.
Everything we ordered blended well. Oh dear! It was heaven.. Filipino Food!! So Good!
I already forgot about blogging (hahaha) I just remembered it when I was eating.. I told my husband.. Everybody should know about this place ! Kainis!!! Why didn't I tried this years and years ago.! Anyhow,I'm not paid to write about this...But I know I have to.. People need to know and start eating at the right place. DO I need to say more?


Sandi said...

It looks delicious!

aybi said...

Yes Sandi, It is!

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