Friday, March 25, 2011

Things that kept me busy and earn some cha-ching!!

I'm trying to make a difference this year.. hopefully it will go well, There are so many things that keeps me busy and will keep my busy for the whole year around. First my kids are growing and somethings are sometimes getting out of hand. So I have to be more and more careful and organize (which is really not that easy for me) but i will try to follow each day's to-do list..
First I'm so into making little flowers and turning it into headbands for babies and little girls. I so find it really cute and very relaxing. Whenever I finish making one. I feel really good, and so I'm turning it into small business. You can check it out on Facebook or my website.

Another thing that really kept me busy since last year is Tone a day. It so easy to do while earning some cash. you just rate words and whoala! but since nowadays there were so many new members adding up, They
changed some rules and lessen the chance to earn much, But i still find them a good-paying site.
Finally there's
this not-so-new sites that I've been addicted to it's called J.S.S. Tripler These good-paying sites are what we called cyclers. now for some people these may sound like unbelievable, but I just started with it few months ago, and I'm earning $4 a d
ay. and it keeps on growing. I've been paid 5 times, constantly,.. people don't know what they are missing. That's the reason
Why I'm sharing to all the moms and everyone who are burned with so many scams and so tired of working. this site will help you a lot.


Anonymous said...

V, natambakan na ako ng mga links na binabato mo..di ko maasikaso, sayang..

aybi said...

sella?! is that you? hahhaha~ anyways, it's never too late to start

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