Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blessings and Prayers

It's been a while since my last post.. well, I have to say that I have been to many ups and downs. And I have proven again and again how God is so good to me, That sometimes I think I'm not worthy of his love and blessings.

This year, I have so many plans that I wanted to happen and I'm trying to make it happen. But i noticed that some of these plans of mine are so hard to begin with. There were many hindrances and so many reasons that I really don't know where it came from. Then I realized that maybe God was just helping me in a way.. Telling me that although I think I'm ready, I am actually not. I noticed that every time I pray for something. Those prayers were not answered immediately, and so I waited. Until there's another blessing that came to us. but still not that ones that I really praying so hard. There was this one time that I felt like God knew that, that day would come and I felt like it's the end of the world to me. I prayed so hard, prayed like I've never prayed before, prayed like It was the first time. I wasn't expecting but the prayers were answered right away, I mean like just minutes. I didn't know how to thank God for that day.

My husband was promoted this year, And my better half thinks that that's the best gift for us so far, but for me, the best blessings was those of the simple things, Every time I see my children happy, and well. Every time I see my husband satisfied with my cooking, Every time I thought I wouldn't make it but I am still here... standing.. Those were the simple blessings that for some people would be nonsense. These are the things that makes my simple days complete. but of course it wouldn't hurt if I ask for something else. And that's between me and the Almighty.
I'm not perfect, nobody is. but sometimes the biggest problems in our lives is just a prayer away. And for those who don't believe that prayers can move mountains.. ... try to pray tonight.


Diamond R said...

awesome prayers.
keep praying.

aybi said...

thanks! will do.

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