Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do you spend too much time with your computer?

Last month was one of those months that i had to do a lot of work. Not just the house hold work. But my real work. I'm working online for an International Company and i love my job so much. I still think that i will work in this company as long as they need me. After work i usually stayfor a couple or more hours to do my routines. I love blogging, making money online, learning on line, watching movies and stuffs, listening to music and a lot more. Name it and i probably did it already.

But because it's been weeks and weeks that i have no rest and having only just few days off. I really think that i'm working too much already. And last Saturday morning, i was supposed to do my daily routine online. But something in my head told me to not move and so I stopped. I mean literally stopped. Here's what happen, i turned on my computer and when the computer was up. I just stared at it. And i felt like throwing up. I held my mouse and just moved it round and round, My brain was like not thinking anything. I was very very tired and stressed that i can't even think of what am i supposed to do.

I had so many things is my brain just few minutes ago when i got up but when i faced the screen already, it just vanished! I really think i need some break, and so i did. I canceled my appointment that saturday. I went back to bed and sleep. After that i just listened to my music and played with my youngest. I missed my 5 year old, She's still on vacation. Oh well, I thought that one day wasn't enough to give my self a break. So what i did was i asked for a 3 day leave and booked a flight. I will go on a trip with my husband. He needed a break as well but i still think that i need it more than he did.

So i guess, here's a tip for all those people who is working online (not just blogging and stuff) if you think that you are tired, then rest. don't be like me. Don't wait for the day that you can hardly move your mouse and you have nothing to think of or to write about.

Give yourself a break.

pamper your self.

Spoil yourself.

Travel to places you've never been

Eat delicious food you have'nt tried yet.

Try a sport, try something new.

Play outside with your kids, walk your dog.

I'm gonna do all of these and more.
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